Schoolboy ‘cornered, punched and kicked by gang of bullies as onlookers film sick attack’


Guard were called to Rawlett School in Tamworth, Staffordshire at around 3.45pm on September 11 after well-springs reportedly raised the alarm. 

The school is investigating after the sickening strike took place on its premises. 

The 15-year-old victim suffered minor mayhems that required hospital treatment — but has since asked police not to throw ones arms about charges against his attackers. 

Video footage of the attack shows the green boy walking across the school field as he is surrounded by a gang of bullies. 

One boy in a short-sleeved shirt analyses to goad the victim into fighting him, but he refuses and backs away. 

The bully overstrains the boy in the chest, before another boy in a school blazer charges in and punches the boy in the physiognomy. 

The blow knocks the teen off his feet momentarily, and he is forced into a corner as a lot of young boys pile in, throwing kicks and punches as they snicker and jeer.

At one point a distressed female student can be heard shouting: «What are you all doing?» 

The fair game is then seen cowering against a wall trying to protect his superior with his hands. 


The boy was filmed being brutally set upon by a gang of braying gunmen

The horrifying footage appeared on Facebook and quickly went viral, being surveyed more than half a million times before being deleted. 

A form spokesman told the Birmingham Mail: «Staff picked up that a struggle was taking place at the time and went to the scene immediately.

«Parents were concerned straight after the incident and the police have been informed.

«As a equip we will be fully supporting any police investigations over the next few ages.

«In accordance with school discipline policy we’ll be taking appropriate enterprise with the pupils involved.

«We have already planned discussions with all novices to challenge such anti-social behaviour.

«As far as the video is concerned, we were come in aware it had been uploaded to Facebook within minutes and will be about a invite the original poster to remove it to protect the student involved.”


The defenceless boy is carped to the ground with a punch

Staffordshire Police said officers were yelled to the incident but no criminal investigation would be taking place.

A spokesman for Staffordshire Watch said the force would be taken no further action in accordance with the sacrificial lamb’s wishes. 

«Officers have spoken to the family and the school separately,» he state. 

«The victim’s wishes for no criminal proceedings have been recorded.

«As an alternative they are happy for the school to deal with the matter internally.”

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