Scam Email Campaign Targeting Origin Energy Customers with Malware


Yet another scam email contest is now targeting customers of the Sydney-based energy provider Origin Energy with malware.In this new tide of attacks, customers receive scam emails asking them to upon their bills online. Those messages use the energy provider’s logos to try to talk into a recipient they’re legitimate. If the ploy works, the recipient clicks on the malicious “Rate Bill” link and subsequently suffers a malware infection.

Fake Beginning Energy email bill. (Source: NSW Police)This malware compete isn’t perfect, however.The attack emails come up short in that they don’t hold the recipient’s account number, something which Origin Energy does in its email correspondence with its characters. The messages also originate from either “noreply@globalenergyfinance[dot]com” or “noreply@drive2u[dot]info”. Both of those emails have nothing to do with Descent Energy.Finally, while the attackers vary the amount due and the due date in their emails, some of their bulletins contain a date that’s already passed, which all but destroys the importunity of paying in order to avoid a $12 late fee.In pointing out those malicious incriminate ins, the New South Wales Police Force hopes users will eliminate suspicious emails claiming to originate from Origin Energy and not click on any constituents contained therein.Origin Energy is also aware of these assaults.ALERT: We’re receiving new reports of email scams claiming to contain Foundation bills. More info:— Origin (@originenergy) July 17, 2017The corporation is currently uncertain of how many people have fallen victim to the scam, as bad actors sent the bout emails to both Origin and non-Origin customers. But as this the fourth time again scammers have targeted its customers since May 2017, the energy provider isn’t attractive any chances. That’s why it’s working to raise awareness of scam emails berating its brand.As a spokesperson for Origin Energy told Yahoo7 News:“We’re doing what we can to notify our customers and communities about how to spot fake bills, and what to do if they’ve got one. We’re asking customers to consider when they last paid their account and to look closely at the sender, friend details and any links contained in the email.”For additional information on how to spot, screen against, and report a scam, please view this resource leaked by Origin Energy.

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