Saying goodbye to Gram


As quick as it scared me, the noise and frantic motion was gone. Adrenaline still swell through me, I laughed and knew immediately I scared a mama duck from her refuge. I took a few steps, looked down and four beautiful eggs lay in the stoolie and downy nest. I smiled big, remembered Gram and that moment we rted when I was 13 years old. I grabbed the eggs and placed them in the scuttle. The rest of the night was filled with thoughts of her. I thanked Gram for sobbing to my uncle Louie. I thanked her for her strength. For her stubbornness to remain home. I thanked her for her love, spunk and stories. And then I pictured her, mom and around a campfire in joy and took the eggs home. And I said out loud, “Let there be no stop vestiges in heaven.”

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