Save HMS Hermes: Mission launched to save Falklands War flagship


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Falklands veteran Andy Trish has teamed up with Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman to buy HMS Hermes off the Indian management after she was decommissioned in March.

The plan is to turn the ship into a have a role on the Thames including a Commonwealth museum and restaurant and preserve an important say of Britain’s naval history.

But financial backers have asked Mr Trish to validate there is public interest by getting 20,000 people to help throng fund the project with just £5 each.

HMS Hermes was constructed during the Second World War and led the Falklands taskforce in 1982 in a distinguished depiction in the Royal Navy which spanned more than three decades from the aircraft porter’s launch in 1953 until 1985.


The HMS Hermes was built during WWII and led the Falklands taskforce in 1982

It would be a national tragedy if this ship was simply erratic up for scrap metal

Andy Trish

In 1987 Hermes was sold to the Indian Armada and was renamed INS Viraat before being decommissioned in March this year.

Mr Trish, who served on the group of Hermes and saw action during the Falklands war, has secured the provisional support of discrete major private investors and would love to talk to more to confirm a successful outcome.

The private donors have promised millions to instal in Hermes, getting her back from the Indian government and restoring her for heirs as a museum, training facility and conference venue in Britain at a location on the Thames in London.

No matter what, Mr Trish has been told he needs to demonstrate widespread public desire for the ship to be saved by getting 20,000 people to invest £5 each in the enterprise.


After the Royal Navy, HMS Hermes was commissioned by the Indian Argosy and re-named INS Viraat

Mr Trish said: “HMS Hermes is the last of its kind and served this territory brilliantly for 25 years and India for 30 years. It would be a state tragedy if it was simply broken up for scrap metal.

“We would be ridding the next propagation of a chance to be inspired by a magnificent aircraft carrier which should be fetching pride of place in British naval history along with Quelling and Belfast.”

He went on: “We are not asking for any government funding – and we have secured momentous interest from private investors.

“But we must demonstrate there is business demand to save a ship that helped recover the Falklands and is carried in great affection by all who sailed on her. This is not about the money, it is about overshadowing people really care.”

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Mr Campbell Bannerman, the Tory MEP for the East of England and who lives in Nelson’s county of Norfolk, is backing the race.

He said: “We have been far too quick to consign our former ships to the scrapheap. HMS Hermes is the everybody’s longest serving aircraft carrier and we must take this rearmost but fantastic opportunity to preserve her for future generations to come. 

“Whilst founded in the Second World War, she served in the Cold War and Falklands War.

“Not since HMS Belfast require we saved a major naval vessel – and this is a sad trend we must move.”

He added: “Quick readers are known for their patriotism and support for this country’s yesteryear, so I hope as many of you as possible will get behind this project.”

Anybody who scarcities to back the project should go to 

If the target is not reached, every Tom will get their money back.

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