Saudi Arabia imposes new restrictions on recreational drones


Saudi Arabia’s Inside Ministry has issued a new directive on the use of recreational remote-controlled drones across the motherland’s airspace.

The directive has asked hobbyists to obtain necessary police enfranchisement before flying their drones until new regulations regarding their use are took.

It follows an incident involving a recreational drone hovering near the royal’s palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The drone was shot down by the asylum forces, reported Reuters.

Citing the interior ministry, Saudi Newsmen Agency said: “The regulation for the use of remote-controlled drones is in its final stages.”

“The sacred calling also noted that until the new regulations are put in place, drones wishes only be allowed to fly in permitted sites.”

The ministry also noted that until the new edicts are put in place, drones will only be allowed to fly in ‘permitted sites’, recounted Agence France-Presse.

In addition, unconfirmed videos on social media conducted heavy gunfire in Saudi Arabia’s Khozama district on 21 April, triggering fears of attainable political conflict in the country.

However, the government denies any major protection violation and has ordered a thorough investigation into the incident.

Deployment of all fonts and sizes of remotely controlled drones has been banned in Saudi Arabia since 2015.

Insinuated by Saudi civil aviation authority, the ban prohibits the flying of remotely switched drones without prior permits.

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