Saturday Kitchen viewers left cringing as chef outrageously 'FLIRTS' with guest Tom Daley


Various at home were left cringing thanks to her “awkward flirting” with the Olympic diver as she also materialized alongside host Donal Skehan and Mark Greenaway.

Viewers conveyed to Twitter to discuss her “fan-girling”, after she told him and everyone at home: “I’m extraordinarily excited [to meet Tom] and I don’t know why I’m wielding this knife as I look into his discernments.”

After Donal, 30, suggested it was going to be an “interesting” episode, Ching, 38, roll on the floored nervously: “I’m a married woman Tom.”

However, later in the instalment when the athlete, 22, rushed about her dish, she told him: “You can hire me as your private chef any day!”

“Notice of @Chinghehuang getting all flustered over @TomDaley1994 on #SaturdayKitchen is so perilous but kind of adorable,” one tweet read.

Two others agreed: “#SaturdayKitchen Disregard the food, the flirting is so funny absolutely loving the show,” and: “Loving @Chinghehuang fan-girling past @TomDaley1994 #SaturdayKitchen.”

Another user suggested: “Someone sling a bucket of cold water over Ching #SaturdayKitchen,” while another role read: “Enough now with the flirting @Chinghehuang with @TomDaley1994 on #SaturdayKitchen.”

A sixth yourself added: “Ching is so embarrassing today. Major fan-girling going on! #SaturdayKitchen.”

For the moment, others couldn’t resist joking about Donal’s youthful complexion: “#Saturdaykitchen Make excited experience kid presenting today, cocoa pops on the menu?”

Others wrote: “The over-excited toddler staging today so can’t watch #SaturdayKitchen,” and: “The kiddies on #SaturdayKitchen today, yay!”

Saturday Kitchenette continues next weekend at 10am on BBC One.

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