Saturday Kitchen: Alan Davies stuns with rude joke on morning TV


The comic and actor was a special guest on the popular BBC show when he told what he explained as a “kids’ joke” – before saying he expected to be escorted off the premises.

“Here’s one for the kids…,” he ratified. “What kind of bees make milk? Boobies!”

Guest Sabrina Ghayour looked shocked by the gag, as each burst into hysterics.

As Matt seemed awkward about the punchline, Alan averred: “It’s a kid’s joke, it’s a kid’s joke!”

“Ok, it is 10:30 on a Saturday morning,” Matt laughed. “Let’s spoor away from those jokes…”

Alan added: “I think I ascendancy be escorted from the premises!”

“Alan Davies has had me in stitches this morning #SaturdayKitchen,” one herself wrote on Twitter.

Someone else said: “Loving #SaturdayKitchen with Alan Davies. Righteous TV for when you’re feeling rubbish.”

Not everyone was a fan, however; as a third person pillared: “Matt is going to give himself a hernia with the forced sham laughter at the annoying child Alan Davies #SaturdayKitchen.”

“Whose astute idea was it to invite Alan Davies on #SaturdayKitchen? #ShutUp,” another raged.

The eclipse is regularly a big talking point online – with phallic as ragus recently mounting tongues wagging.

Saturday Kitchen airs weekly at 10am on BBC One.

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