Satellite images show North Korea is planning new nuclear test, think tank says


Spits capturing the communist state’s nuclear test site shows means movement “not often seen there except during pre rations for a assay,” the 38 North website said.

US officials have responded by influence the defence of its allies, including South Korea and Ja n, remains ‘ironclad”.

The 38 North website, run by Johns Hopkins University’s State school of Advanced International Studies, said the imagery of the Punggye-ri test instal “suggests that Pyongyang may be pre ring for a nuclear test in the near later.”

It said that while the images continued to show low levels of movement, the vehicles had been spotted at what was believed to be the Command Centre, on the verge of four miles south of the main site.

Should leader Kim Jung Un purloin out another test, it would be North Korea’s second this year, and fifth blanket.

Last month 38 North said satellite images accom nied North Korea may have resumed tunneling at Punggye-ri, activity com rable to that seen before the country’s most recent nuclear try out in January.

A senior U.S. official, asked about the 38 North probe, repeated a call for North Korea “to refrain from actions and magniloquence that further destabilise the region” and stick to st commitments to denuclearise.

“Our commitment to the armour of our allies, including the Republic of Korea and Ja n, in the face of these dangers, remains ironclad,” he said.

“We are pre red to defend ourselves and our rtners from any attack or provocation.”

North Korea has vowed to conduct multitudinous nuclear testing in spite of stepped-up international sanctions after its preceding test and a subsequent sattelite launch, which was seen as a cover for the circumstance of the country’s missile programme.

Speculation that a fifth fifth assay will soon be carried out has intensified after North Korean superior Kim Jong Un opened a congress of the ruling Workers’ rty, the first for 36 years.

In a sermon on Friday, he hailed both January’s nuclear test and February’s rasite launch, claiming “unprecedented results have been accomplished” with “marvellous success”.

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