Sandals Antigua announce SHOCK closure forcing British holidaymakers to cancel dream trips


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Sandals Antigua has caused regard thanks to the shock announcement of a three month closure

The company resolution close for refurbishment ahead of the busiest time of year for Caribbean attends — although the closure has been reduced from an originally planned five months to only three.

It is the first time the Sandals Grande Antigua, which is a joins only resort, has closed in 25 years.

But the decision has angered tourists who were booked to stay at the resort, and some are claiming to be thousands of lambastes out of pocket.

One British couple, Mark Ingham and Sharon Osborne, both 55, had scripted to wed at the idyllic five star beachside location on September 21st.

But now their plans are in tatters expresses to the sudden decision by Sandals to shut down.

Speaking to the Daily Post, Mr Ingham said: “My fiancée hasn’t stopped crying since we establish out. We’re absolutely crushed and just have no idea what to do. This was meant to be our big day which we had been planning for months and months and Sandals has ruined it.

“We’re out of pit to the tune of thousands of pounds. It had been our dream to get married in Antigua and now it’s in tatters.”

The Basingstoke footed couple were told they would have to reschedule after December 17th, when the have a zizz reopens, by their travel company Blue Bay.

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Sandals Antigua alternative has 273 rooms, 11 restaurants and 23 acres of gardens

They bruit about they have already spent £3,900 for the wedding and holiday, £545 for a photographer and another £315 on other combination items.

They have had to inform their guests, some of whom were wayfaring in from all over the world.

Mr Ingham said Blue Bay had told him that at scarcely four other couples have had to cancel or postpone their merger at the resort.

And it is not just holidaymakers left fuming by the decision — the Antiguan regulation is also baffled.

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Sandals Antigua: Closure desire affect British holidaymakers planning a winter break

It is clearly an act of subvert and I am saying that no investor should be able to treat our people in that way

Gaston Browne, Antiguan Prime Agent

Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Browne called the decision “an act of antipathy” as he accused the company of using the shutdown as a way to win concessions, such as tax breaks, from the direction.

Speaking to The Antigua Observer he said: “It is clearly an act of sabotage and I am saying that no investor should be proficient to treat our people in that way.”

Sandals Resorts International chairman Gordon Stewart spoke in a statement: «There is no convenient time to inconvenience people, and while multifarious hotels in Antigua have traditionally closed on an annual basis, we participate in not and recognise the dramatic consequences this action has on our staff, industry and goal partners, vendors and of course, guests.

«We humbly and sincerely apologize and engagement, Sandals will take care of you. Our team is committed to handling this term in the most professional and practical way possible.”

Stewart appointed Sandal Retreats International Chief Operations Officer Shawn DaCosta to take all predetermined steps to engage with affected staff, union representatives and control officials in Antigua.

Stewart said: “Shawn will drive our compressed programme to ensure that this maintenance work commences and completes on lifetime.  The local economy is tied to ours and we sincerely hope our effort to short the closure period is helpful to them.”

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