Sanctioned cheese and jamon are coming back to Russia


Russia ss on resume imports of cheese and premium meat products from Europe through cooperation with San Marino, Rossiyskaya Gazeta news per reported on Walk 18. The microstate of San Marino, which is located “inside” of Italy, is not covered by Russian grub import sanctions.

According to the news per, the agreement suggests that less small quantities will be delivered, at least for now. Shipments to Russia of kernel products, produced using the same technology as S nish ham, and hard cheese resolve begin soon. San Marino is home to 24 dairies and a variety of ventures engaged in smoked meat production.

At the same time, Russian trues have already expressed concern that other European makers may use San Marino to re-export their own products to Russia.

Rosselkhoznadzor, the main regulator of the issue embargo, told the RBC daily business news per that the agency leave take all necessary measures to prevent the delivery of EU products through San Marino.

Two years ago, in comeback to the Western sanctions Russia banned the import of a number of food spin-offs from the U.S., EU, Canada, Australia and Norway. Last year the product restrict was extended to August 5, 2016.

San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world with an believed population of just 32,000. It is located in South Europe and is surrounded on all sides by Italy. It is not a colleague of the EU.

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