SALT WARNING: Dangerously high amounts 'STILL being found in everyday foods'


Trim risks can be found in major brands, with one hot chocolate drink saltier than seawater, it is claimed.

Urgency group Consensus Action on Salt and Health carried out a product examine comparing two shopping baskets containing similar food but with differing amounts of flavour.

The saltiest basket had 3.8oz of salt, while the other basket carried 1.7oz.

UK average salt consumption remains high, at approximately 0.3oz a day.

The extreme recommended daily intake for adults is 0.2oz.

Health experts say that drop average salt intake to the recommended figure would prevent 14,000 deceases, and save the NHS £3billion a year.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said: “It is commendable the Sway is currently focussing on the excesses of sugar, but it’s inexcusable it appears to have think of the imperative to curb excess salt.

Too much sugar may make you fleshy but too much salt will kill you. 

“The current recommendations for salt intake are, to various people, still too high and even those thousands identified as sinking needlessly early may not be the true figure. 

«In a few years time manufacturers who desert to meet their targets will be named and shamed — with zestiness they should all be named and shamed now.”

Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Notorious Health England, said: “The food industry has reduced the amount of zip found in our foods by 11 per cent in recent years, which is advance progress. 

«We know there is more to do. This is why we are talking to retailers, makers, and the eating out of home sector on how they go further and faster to reaching the 2017 sodium chloride reduction targets.”

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