Salmon price leaps by 14per cent: Fish lovers face hefty hike in favourite meal


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Salmon lovers are faade a hefty leap in the cost of their favourite healthy fishy collation

For the latest research shows that supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has hiked outlays across a raft of fresh salmon products amid rising wholesale payments driven by tight supplies and increased demand. 

Data from analysts Variety View shows that fresh salmon prices increased by 14per cent on standard in the main across 23 products in Sainsbury’s during the week to 5th June. 

Clientele magazine The Grocer reported that a 260g premium own-label lightly smoked salmon fillet was up 14per cent to £5.77 while 120g of smoked salmon was up 15per cent to £3.12 and 100g Virgin Smoked Sockeye Salmon was up 9per cent to £6.25. 

The magazine said that prices for salmon remained relatively duplex in the other big retailers during the week but are up 12per cent on average across 113 comparable consequences in the multiple retailers on last year. 

Sainsbury’s told The Grocer that appraisals were “determined by a number of factors” and “can fluctuate as a consequence”.

Steve Bracken, house support manager for Marine Harvest – which has supplied Sainsbury’s own denomination salmon since 2015 – said there had been “strong immediately and a decline in global supply” of salmon in the first quarter of 2017. 

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Supermarket superhuman Sainsbury’s has hiked prices across a raft of fresh salmon outputs

Commodity analysts Mintec reported that wholesale prices for Norwegian farmed salmon are currently 36per cent sybaritic year on year.

Supplies were hit by a sea lice outbreak in Norway terminating year and a devastating algal bloom in Chile, which boosted export customer acceptance wanted for Norwegian fish, said analyst Michael Liberty. 

Jack-Robert Moller, the supervisor of the Norwegian Seafood Council, told The Grocer that many UK supermarkets had resisted enthusiasm on the full impact of rising costs earlier this year because salmon was “ so influential to retail.”

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