Sajid Javid DEMANDS answers from EU in closed-door meeting with Verhofstadt


Mr Javid’s ancestor Amber Rudd resigned after a series of scandals, most uniquely Windrush, which left Mr Verhofstadt and his European Parliament Brexit pilot group with “anxieties” over how European Union citizens may be handled if they wish to remain in Britain beyond March 2019.

MEPs, covering the steering group’s six members, will have the opportunity to veto any concealed withdrawal deal or agreement on the future relationship between the UK and EU before it is fully established.

After a previous meeting in Brussels, a Home Office delegation was told by MEPs how they believed there were until now a number of questions on the protection of citizens’ rights after Brexit.

Since then, antediluvian Home Secretary Ms Rudd has resigned and been replaced by Mr Javid, who was distinctly keen to mend the relationship between the Home Office and Brussels.

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Brexit news: Sajid Javid demanded answers on UK oppidans during Brussels meeting with Verhfostadt

It is currently unclear what schemes other EU member states are creating to ensure the rights of UK nationals

Sajid Javid

Last to the meeting, Mr Javid had penned a letter to Mr Verhofstadt attempting to address appertain ti over the registration of EU residents in the UK after Brexit.

MEPs had questioned the relieve EU citizens would have using a smartphone app-based registration methodology, which would not be fully functional on the market leading iPhone trade mark.

However, the British politician was keen to flip the tables and demanded explanations on how Britons living on the Continent will be treated after Brexit.

The Effectively Secretary wrote: “The UK Government’s key priority, like that of the European Parliament, is to record this process simple and effective for EU citizens.

“Our default position wish be to say ‘yes’ to applications.”

He added: “The UK Government is equally committed to the interests of UK nationals current and working in the EU and we would welcome further details on how the administrative procedures desire be enacted.

“It is currently unclear what systems other EU member claims are creating to ensure the rights of UK nationals in their countries are protected after the end of the implementation term and we would welcome it if the European Parliament were also willing to convergence attention on member states’ plans.”

While the private meeting balances shrouded in relative mystery, the elusive Home Secretary slipped last waiting reporters before making a dash to the exit.

In his attempted to dodge the Brussels press pack, Mr Javid and his ten-strong entourage were amalgamate in the lift after someone pressed the wrong button.

Despite the aftermath, Mr Verhofstadt caroused it was a “pleasure” to meet the Home Secretary but insisted he had done little to talk to the EU’s “anxieties” on citizens’ rights.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “I was a pleasure to meet with Mr Javid today and I look expedite to working him closely in order to provide more certainty for both EU and UK villagers after Brexit.”

He added: “I welcome Mr Javid’s response to the European Parliament’s involved withs about the Home Office’s proposed registration procedure for EU citizens in the UK and reciprocal maters, but at this time we do not believe our anxieties have yet been sufficiently orationed.”

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