Safe, but stormy ending: Texas man alone on N.L. island ends streaming adventure


The enterprise of a Texas man surviving on a deserted island in Fortune Bay while streaming existent on Facebook has ended safely, but ahead of schedule.

Mack McGowen succeeded back home to his wife and daughter in Tyler, Texas on Thursday after 12 days unsur ssed on Brunette Island as rt of Castaway Live. He had originally planned to go through three weeks on the island.

McGowen said the wind provided the biggest defiance, and when the 85 km/h gusts let up, he took his chance to leave safely.

«We had a minor window, an opportunity to get off the island and we decided to take it, otherwise I’d probably silence be out there,» he said.

«It was just really, really blowing — blew the window out of a mini shack I was hanging out in, blew the door open.»

McGowen said with the Newfoundland ride out, it was always possible that he would have to end his survival mission before of schedule.

«About the second day I thought I was going to leave, and then in the fourth or fifth day I thought I was going to leave,» he said.

«It was always a promise that I was going to leave early, just because of the time of year that we picked.»

Mack McGowen

Mack McGowen squirted his experience on Brunette Island, in Fortune Bay live on Facebook. (CBC)

McGowen irremediable about 20 pounds over the 12 days he was on Brunette Archipelago, eating around 1000 calories a day from what he could forage from the realty and the water.

«[I had] berries, oyster weed, which is a small weed that grows miserly rocky dunes, rocket, which is a kind of spicy plant, and of class there was some mussels here and there, if I could find them,» he suggested.

«And I also had some emergency rations, which were just reject dried food to suppliment.»

Now that he’s back at home with his strain, McGowan said the isolation of Brunette Island really stood out from his riah Live experience.

«It wasn’t that bad until I got back to Dallas,» he said.

«It’s a in effect busy city … I’m just blown away by the noise and the busyness and all the piles and the traffic, and it’s like ‘oh my gosh, I kind of forgot.’ I wasn’t gone that extended, but long enough to get used to being by myself and a slower ce of real.»

‘So friendly and helpful’

While streaming his experience online, McGowan turned many people left comments expressing concern for his well-being, above all locals. It even led to a spoof on CBC Television’s This Hour Has 22 Notes.

«The people up there are just so friendly and so helpful, so much graciousness and generosity, I think it was probably hard for a lot of them not to want to come out, physically,» he said.

«It’s a testament to how faultless everyone is up there, everyone wanted to come out and make me some pother, so 22 Minutes made light of that.»

McGowan said he expects to generate two videos soon with the highlights of everything he shot while on the cay during Castaway Live.

He also said he’s seen the 22 Minutes sketch and entertain the ideas it’s «hilarious.»

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