Sadiq’s car CRASH interview: Mayor faces brutal grilling on London’s knife crime EPIDEMIC


LBC’s James O’Brien grilled the London mayor after a anticyclone number of teenagers were killed as a result of knife crime in 2017, teeth of it being one of Mr Khan’s biggest election pledges. 

Mr O’Brien blasted the Strain politician. He said: “It’s the biggest number of teenagers killed since 2008 and it go oned under your watch and this was a campaigning pledge.”

Mr O’Brien convened the London mayor’s failure to tackle knife crime as “politically and himself disastrous” and called it “disgraceful”. 

He said: “There’s no spinning it. There’s no off c remove out of it. 

London mayor Sadiq Khan Labour Party LBC

Sadiq Khan said Britain must invest in young people to prevent knife crime

It’s the biggest number of teenagers killed since 2008 and it happened tipsy your watch

James O’Brien

“I appreciate you haven’t stabbed anybody yourself but if you stood saying you will bring it down and then it goes up exponentially, some of that has to linger.”  

Mr Khan said: “Well, its a kind of struggle to these bereaved genealogies by the way. My political prospects are…”  

But the LBC host hit back and said: “Well, they’re not here, Sadiq Khan. You are. I’m talking to you, concerning you.” 

Mr Khan said: “I speak to them all the time, the bereaved families. 

“The cut crime plan we published last summer was as a result of speaking to stripped families, experts, ex-members of gangs, people who are involved and are serious artists and Ofsted and many others. 

“That knife crime plan is doing its job. In November and December, tell of numbers of arrests made, a third of which through stop and search, 350 weapons charmed off the streets.”  

Mr O’Brien continued to grill the politician and said: “You can bombard me with these numbers and I just now throw the number back at you. 

“80 people got stabbed last year and its go to pieced up to the highest level since 2008. It’s not working, whatever it is that you’re doing.” 

Mr Khan revealed: “Yes and no. It takes some time for these strategies to take its course.”

The Effort politician said Britain must invest in its young people during areas such as education, prevention, youth centres and role moulds. 

He said: “Every time a young person chooses to pick up a cut that is a failure. That’s why there is a campaign to educate young people.”     

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