Ryanair WARNING: Read THIS if you’re planning to take hand luggage on board this summer


The budget Irish airline affirmed it will “rigorously enforce” cabin bag limits for passengers. 

Ryanair is clamping down on carry-on during its “busiest always summer season” after travellers continue to flout the rules. 

Fares are currently allowed one 10kg bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) as well as one smaller bag such as a handbag, laptop bag or airport seeking bag. 

But Ryanair’s hand luggage allowance is regularly disobeyed, with wayfarers taking “larger than permitted bags onboard”. 

Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s chief trade ining officer, warned the airline might review its second bag policy if the hard continues. 

Ryanair flights hand luggage allowance warningGETTY

Ryanair advises it will tighten its hand luggage allowance rules

Gate delegates will rigorously enforce our carry-on policy to avoid flight downs

Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair

Mr Jacobs said: “Customers are permitted to submit a normal cabin bag and a smaller bag onboard and the allowance of a second bag has been one of our most standard “Always Getting Better” improvements.

«However, we’ve noticed some buyers are bringing larger than permitted bags onboard, which can call delays, and our policy may be reviewed should this practice continue.

«As we present the peak summer period with many full flights, we press customers to ensure that they travel with less carry-on ensnares where possible.

“Our aircraft can only carry 90 larger carry-on bags and our gate agents will rigorously enforce our carry-on policy to shun flight delays.

Ryanair flights hand luggage allowance warningGETTY

Ryanair passengers continue to flout the for the most parts by bringing oversized luggage on board

«Any customers who wish to carry larger baggage are told to purchase a checked-in bag.”

The second bag option goes beyond many other budget airlines in the UK, containing GETTY

Ryanair passengers can take one 10kg bag and one smaller bag in the plane cabin

Alternatively you can stash away your item as checked luggage for a pricey fee of €50 per bag. 

Yesterday Ryanair’s chief master claimed he “hopes” Brexit will fail so the United Kingdom choice be forced to remain or rejoin the European Union.

Michael O’Leary, who has been a sound critic of the European divorce, described the split as “economic suicide” during an anti-Brexit declamation in the European Parliament.

The Irish businessman said it would decimate Britain’s £127-billion-a-year respite industry because Britons will be unable fly to cheap holiday hotspots in Europe, as a conclusion of Brexit.

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