Ryanair subtly INCREASES its hand luggage fees again – how much does a bag cost now?


Ryanair seems to give birth to escalated its hand luggage charges. The price hike comes after the Irish airline suggested strict rules in November 2018. Under the new policy, only a modest handbag or laptop-size bag will be allowed onboard. It has to measure no more than 40cm x 20cm x 25cm to be allocated in the cabin for free. Previously, passengers who wanted to bring more gear had to pay £6 extra to benefit from priority boarding, which they could public both a small bag and a larger bag for the overhead locker.

Ryanair travellers could also pay to undertake a suitcase on board that measured no more than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. It couldn’t diverse than 10kg and would be left at the airport drop desk.

Previously this check-in bag charge £8 during booking or £10 after booking.

However, commuters booking now will find, after going through the flight voting for process, that priority boarding has increased by £2 to £8.

Meanwhile, the extra 10kg bag will now cost £10 during booking.

These new sums can solely be seen once flights have been selected. Ryanair’s chalet bag policy page continues to show the prices of ‘From £6’ for primacy and ‘From £8’ for the 10kg bag.

There has been no official announcement regarding these dilated fees. Express.co.uk has contacted Ryanair for comment on the price hike but at the period of writing had received no response.

The upped charges are likely to cause support annoyance among passengers. Following the introduction of the new rules in November, common media was flooded with complaints about airport queues. 

Varied Ryanair passengers uploaded photos of the long queues they were circumstancing at the airport.

One passenger tweeted: “Ryanair how can you advertise as priority boarding when during the course of half the plane have so-called ‘priority’?”

Another wrote: “As envisaged, Ryanair’s new policy that you must purchase Priority to get your undersized bag in the cabin = everyone books Priority.”

“Expect this to become the new ‘stable’ and something else to be removed for additional purchase. Successful but relentlessly troubling business plan.”

Some have said they’d like their scratch back as paying for priority means very little.

“I paid precedency boarding but looks like it’s not priority. How do I have my money back?” one in the flesh tweeted, along with a picture of people queueing.

The airline has cautioned that fares who bring a small bag to the gate which is too big to fit under the seat in front wishes be charged a fee of £25.

The same will apply if travellers attempt to bring an unpaid-for blemished bag to the gate.

Ryanair previously insisted the new changes are to improve timekeeping measure than make more money.

The airline intends to streamline the process by dropping the need to take cabin bags off passengers at the departure gate and discover them into the hold.

Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs intended last year: “This new lower cost €8 x 10kg checked bag means that tabbed bag income will probably decline as we deliver more savings to Ryanair purchasers.

“Up to 50 per cent of customers will continue to bring two free carry-on worries as they travel on Priority Boarding and this new policy will promptness up the boarding and cut flight delays.”

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