Ryanair strike travel update: Airline CONFIRMS it will recognise pilot unions


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Ryanair smite:

Ryanair has confirmed that it will recognise the cabin crew joints ahead of the meeting tonight.

For the first time in 32-years, the low-cost airline transfer acknowledge the unions after threats by pilots to strike on December 20.

The advertisement comes ahead of the meeting between Ryanair and Impact trade conjunction later tonight at Dublin Airport, with hopes to avoid any obliterated flights.

Ryanair issued a statement defining: “Ryanair announced that it has written to the pilot unions in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal intriguing each of them to talks to recognise these unions as the representative viscosity for pilots in Ryanair in each of these countries, as long as they back up Committees of Ryanair pilots to deal with Ryanair issues, as Ryanair resolve not engage with pilots who fly for competitor airlines in Ireland or elsewhere. 

“Ryanair make now change its long-standing policy of not recognising unions in order to avoid any intimation of disruption to its customers and its flights from pilot unions during Christmas week. 

“Ryanair now rallies on these pilot unions to call off the threatened industrial action on Wed 20 Dec next so that our patrons can look forward to travelling home for Christmas without the threat or be concerned of pilot strikes hanging over them.”

It is hoped that the talk when one pleases be able to end the strike that could affect thousands of passengers during the Christmas period.

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Ryanair x out: Pilot unions in Europe threatened to strike on December 20

The airline’s CEO Michael O’Leary commented on the make haste: “Christmas flights are very important to our customers and we wish to remove any hassle or concern that they may be disrupted by pilot industrial action next week. 

“If the most beneficent way to achieve this is to talk to our pilots through a recognised union approach, then we are prepared to do so, and we have written today (Dec 17) to these syntheses inviting them to talks to recognise them and calling on them to recall the threatened industrial action planned for Christmas week. 

“Recognising unions see fit be a significant change for Ryanair, but we have delivered radical change rather than, most recently when we launched Ryanair Labs and our highly remunerative Always Getting Better customer improvement programme in 2013. 

“Putting the constraints of our customers first, and avoiding disruption to their Christmas flights, is the intellect why we will now deal with our pilots through recognised national mixture structures and we hope and expect that these structures can and will be accorded with our pilots early in the New Year.” 

The pilots were threatening to happen in regards to better working conditions and being recognised.

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Ryanair get nowhere: The airline will recoginise pilot unions for the first time

Striking, the Irish pilot’s trade union, wrote on Sunday that they had “delayed a planned one-day strike of Ryanair pilots next Wednesday after assemblage management agreed to recognise the union as the representative of Irish-based pilots”.

Ryanair voyagers have awaited updates on their flights since the announcement, with no another news on whether they would be cancelled.

Many took to Chirp to ask the airline if they had to rebook flights, only to receive blanket rejoinder from them.

The threatened pilot strike follows on from the move chaos caused by holiday scheduling issues that the airline suffered from in September, which moved over 700,000 passengers at a cost of €25 million.

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