Ryanair say ‘disgraceful’ hand luggage CHARGE for passengers already saving airline money


Ryanair has claimed its new baggage means has already improved punctuality in the first week.

However, Twitter owners have slammed the airline for the move.

One wrote: “What are these lascivious new baggage rules? Next, a fee will be charged if we choose to wear gears to compensate for the extra weight?

“It’s like you’re seeking reasons for people to abominate your company even more.”

Another said: “Cabin baggage is a soul right.”

One wrote: “So in other words your taking the free remarkably baggage allowance away from us. The one that set you apart from all the other airlines. Opprobrium.”

The strict new rules regarding hand luggage were launched on 1 November.

Hikers with the airline can no longer take a hand luggage sized holdall into the cabin for free.

Ryanair passengers can only travel with a in person bag that measures no more than 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.

The budget airline has claimed the hard regulations have been “welcomed by both customers and airports across Europe.”

Ryanair verbalized the new policy is saving customers money as they switch to a cheaper €8 for a 10kg charges bag (versus €25 for a 20kg bag).

The policy has made faster access through airport safeguarding possible as the volume of carry-on bags falls, according to the Irish Immunology vector.

Ryanair also claimed it made for faster boarding and fewer away delays.

They also said better punctuality had been attained as 88 per cent of Ryanair flights have arrived on-time since 1st Nov, compared to 77 per cent in the seven epoches prior to the change in policy.

Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs said in a declaration: “We’ve received lots of positive feedback from our customers and airports across Europe that our new bag protocol has reduced airport security queues and improved the boarding gate know, with 11 per cent better punctuality, as we eliminate free access bags and related flight delays.

“Ryanair customers have already sheltered millions of euro as they switch from our €25 x 20kg checked bag to our new slash cost €8 x 10kg checked bag option.

“Up to 50 per cent of customers proceed with to bring two free carry-on bags as they choose our Priority Timbering service.”

Travellers who want to take a hand luggage-sized suitcase get two options when travelling with Ryanair.

They can either grip Priority Boarding which costs £6 or they can pay £8 for their bag to be put into the restrain.

These fees are one way only and Priority Boarding is only available for the basic 95 customers.

The bag must not weigh more than 10kg when authentication it in, otherwise fliers could face large fees at the airport.

To baffle too much confusion, Ryanair is allowing a “grace period” for the rest of the month for commuters travelling with the airline. 

In a statement, Ryanair confirmed: “While our new bag approach came into effect yesterday (November 1), we have briefed our gateway agents to take a reasonable approach while customers get used to the new decides over the month of November.

A Ryanair passenger’s video footage has go to the wall viral after he revealed an ingenious way to cheat the new rules and avoid clear extra charges.

Lee Cimino enlisted the help of a tailor to modify a ample coat so it could store all of his holiday belongings. 

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