Ryanair flights: French air traffic control strike cancellations – are you affected?


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Ryanair departures: A number of journeys are cancelled due to the French air traffic control strike

Ryanair has eradicated a number of flights tomorrow due to the upcoming French air traffic controller encounter.

The strike is due to take place at 6pm tonight, and will end at 5am on March 23.

Unions are unusual in response to the changes in proposed labour suggested by French president Emmanuel Macron.

Which airlines are la-de-da? Travel advice and flight cancellations explained.

Ryanair has cancelled a number of aircraft tomorrow due to a recent strike by French air traffic control

Ryanair tweeted: “We be remorseful over to advise customers that due to an air traffic control strike in France on 22nd Hike 2018, we have been forced to cancel some flights.

“Artificial customers have been notified via SMS and email.”

Some of the flights impressed are to France, with passengers travelling from London Stansted to Bergerac, Rods and Toulouse just some of those affected.

Flights that are touring over France are also expected to be affected, with the following currently cancelled:

London Stansted

FR8382: Alicante 06:30

FR295: Toulouse 07:10

FR8162: Malaga 07:20

FR1886: Lisbon 11:50

FR8592: Bergerac 12:25

FR9044: Barcelona 12:45

FR2634: Zaragoza 13:15

FR8976: Alicante 15:00

FR9014: Barcelona 15:50

FR8474: Poitiers 13:50

FR8321: Valencia 17:55

FR8164: Malaga 18:50

FR1082: Toulouse 19:00

FR9814: Barcelona 20:05

London Luton

FR3452: Murcia 16:25

Ryanair flights cancelled strikeGetty

Ryanair flights: The airline has cancelled a number of wings tomorrow

Ryanair has called on the French Government to take action against the ATC confederations in a bid to prevent customers being affected.

Kenny Jacobs said: “Yet again, thousands of European consumers make have their travel plans disrupted by a tiny group of French ATC junctions going on strike this week.”

Other airlines are warning riders of cancelled or delayed flights.

EasyJet issued a statement saying: “Love all airlines, our flights to and from French airports, as well as those pilot in French airspace, could be affected.

“We expect that there want be delays and cancellations due to the industrial action, therefore we advise all customers to into the status of their flight on our flight tracker either on our mobile app or website.

British Airways has also cautioned passengers of disruption and has cancelled over seven flights for today.

Ryanair flights cancelled strikeGetty

Ryanair swarms: British Airways and easyJet also face disruptions

The airline has earmarked passengers to change their journey if travelling to France or Spain up to Parade 27.

It is hoping to use larger aircraft to cover the flights that have been quashed.

Eurostar has cancelled some journeys, with two trips to Paris cancelled on Thursday and one on Friday.

Handrail journeys could be affected for over three months as rail employees also join the strike.

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