Ryanair baggage allowance: What size and how much hand luggage can you take on a flight?


What is the dole out luggage allowance for Ryanair flights? 

All passengers flying with Ryanair are qualified to take two bags on board the flight. The Regular fare covers one 10kg bag and one smaller bag. 

Dimensions for the 10kg bag have planned to be a maximum of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, while the small bag must be no larger than 35cm x 20cm x 20cm. 

If you’re travelling with a mollycoddle in your lap (from eight days old through to 23 months old), you’re fitted to take a baby bag on board. The bag can weigh up to 5kg and is counted in addition to the standard bungalow bag allowance. 

Despite these allowances, you might still have to place your carry-on bags in the aircraft hold. 

Space limitations with Ryanair consideration for only the first 90 large cabin bags to be stowed in the shack. The rest of the bags have to be stored underneath. 

Passengers who have held Priority Boarding are exempt from storing their carry-on occupations in the hold.

What can I take in my hand luggage?

Guidelines for the contents of your clap luggage are standardised in most countries around the world. 

UK travel notification states that liquids over 100ml are not allowed in your carry-on. 

Any liquids, creams or aerosols in containers no than 100ml in size are permitted in the cabin. These must be disjoined and able to fit into one clear ziplock bag. 

Electronics like mobile phones, laptops, capsules, cameras and MP3 players are all allowed on board. These must be fully charged to be skilful to prove they turn on. Laptops and tablets have to be separated out at airport protection. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7s have been banned by most airlines after dissimilar of the smartphones exploded last year. 

Smokers can take one lighter on game table but must keep it on them at all times. E-cigarettes are also permitted but must be rodded off during the flight. 

Tweezers, nail clippers, sewing needles, covers, electric shavers and irons are all allowed. 

Over-the-counter medication like panels and capsules are allowed in your carry-on. Medicines like liquids, inhalers, undisturbed gel packs and hypodermic syringes are only permitted if they are essential for use on your escape. 


What is the checked baggage countenancing for Ryanair flights?

Ryanair does not include checked baggage in the rate of its fares. 

Passengers can choose to check up to two bags for a fee, with a weight of either 15kg or 20kg. 

If you buy a 15kg bag online through the Ryanair website, it will cost you between £10 — £40 depending on the carry, date and duration of your journey. 

This is a much more get effective option than purchasing the bag at the airport or through the call focal point, which will cost you between £25 — £50. 

If you purchase a 20kg bag online, you’ll be loaded £15 — £50, or you’ll pay £35 — £60 at the airport. 

Online prices for appurtenances include £60 for a bike, £50 for a large sports item, £30 for displays equipment, £40 for ski equipment, £30 for golf clubs and £50 for a mellifluous instrument. 

These all cost between £5-£10 more when soft-cover them at at the airport.

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