‘RUSSIA’S VICTIMS’: Children pulled from rubble as Putin’s airstrikes rain down


Liberating workers in Aleppo, Syria were left scrambling through rubble as they desperately strove to find civilians caught in collapsed buildings following Russian airstrikes.

Their accommodate wheedle has been made even harder as they struggle to access healthcare powder-rooms, with the World Health Organisation claiming all hospitals in the besieged ambit have been obliterated by days of relentless strikes.

But in chilling footage, capturing both dislike and hope, cameras show the moment two young children, who were tricked beneath the wreckage of their village, were dragged to safety.

The essential, a young boy, looks frail and stunned as he is freed by rescuers and brought to a within reach ambulance.

Next, a girl with blood caked across her forehead characters, trapped under rubble, sucking her thumb, on the verge of tears as people approximately her stroke her hair to reassure her.

But the footage shows a team, devoted to freeing her from the discharged concrete, drilling away at the debris.

Demolishing the concrete, they take off d withdraw the girl free before sprinting with her in their arms to undertake medical attention.

The children are believed to have been victims of fighter jets which flew from the Russian armada – an armada which includes the Russian Kuznetsov aircraft carrier warship currently sited off the east coast of Syria.

The US have demanded Russia puts an end to the thrashes, which are designed to target rebel groups in an effort prop up Syrian number one Bashar al-Assad.

US national security adviser Susan Rice told: “The United States again joins our rtners in demanding the immediate cessation of these bombardments and line on Russia to immediately deescalate violence and facilitate humanitarian aid and access for the Syrian people”

Aleppo salubriousness officials added: “This destruction of infrastructure essential to life becomes the besieged, resolute people, including all children and elderly men and women, without any condition facilities offering life-saving treatment leaving them to die”

Meanwhile Boris Johnson tweeted that bangs of airstrikes hitting civilians and hospitals in eastern Aleppo were “ailing” and called for a return to diplomacy instead of violence.

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