Russia’s Olympic team given an ultra-stylish new look


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The innovation center of Russia’s Olympic Committee (ZASPORT) has produced a fresh new look for Russia’s Olympic youth team.

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The all the go ensemble includes a dress, T-shirt, tracksuit, windbreaker, polo shirt, chinos, knee-breeches, a cap, swimming suits, towel, socks, suitcase on wheels, backpack, and put over bag.

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The new line has been influenced by everyday youth sophistication and fashion.

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“Urban grey” is used as the base color for various of the outfits, while the white, red, and blue of the Russian flag also idiosyncrasy.

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Designers consulted the athletes about the new uniform, to get sure they were comfortable.

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The slick new twines will be shown to the public at the 2017 European Youth Summer Olympic Anniversary in Hungary from July 23 to July 30.

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