Russia's glamorous 'Lady Di' KILLED — Granddaughter of Putin's enemy dies in Swiss lake


The appealing granddaughter of one of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent business enemies was hurt when her BMW spun off a Swiss road and crashed into Lake Lugano.

Heiress Diana Lebedeva, venerable 19 and known to her friends as Lady Di, was a leading member of the Moscow «radiant youth» rich set.

Her grandfather banker Platon Lebedev, 59, was prisoned for 11 years tax evasion, money laundering and embezzlement after two dishonest cases widely seen in the West as politically motivated.

She was in a BMW X6 driven by comrade Azer Yagubov, 23, son of an Azerbaijani businessman, who was also killed.

Both the new zealand mates had been educated in Switzerland.

The Russian embassy in Bern confirmed the deaths.

The calamity at 4am on Thursday came after the car crashed through a barrier and plunged into the lake careful to the village of Castagnola.

The vehicle and the bodies were found at the bottom of the lake, say describes in Switzerland and Russia.

Diana was described as «one of the brightest stars among Moscow’s radiant youth».

Online tributes flooded in for the teenager, known for her active community life and fashion sense.

«Our girl, rest in peace,» said one work.

«I do not believe that you are no more in the world. Diana, you’re in my memory forever fragments the ten-year-old girl, which I first saw you on the porch,» said another.

«Openly impossible to believe. She was my classmate.»

Other stated: «Why did she choose anickname a charge out of prefer that: didn’t she know how Princess Diana ended her days?»

Diana Lebedeva was hold up in the year that the princess died 19 year ago.

A picture substantiated a crane removing the car from the lake.

Police are investigating the cause of the collapse.

Unconfirmed reports said the vehicle had been in a «race» when it got into take the trouble on a bridge above the lake in canton Ticino.

The bodies of the two victims are to be run away back to Russia, said reports.

Lebedev was a close business associate of whilom billionaire and Putin foe Mikhail Khodorkovsky, head of Yukos oil com ny, who was also detained by the Russian authorities.

The sentences s rked an outcry in the West, and both men were named internees of conscience by Amnesty International which described their conviction as «to a great extent flawed and politically motivated».

Lebedev was jailed in July 2003 and released in January 2014, the month after Khodorkovsky had been exonerated by Putin.

Lebedev headed the currency and finance de rtment of Khodorkovsky’s Bank Menatep.

In the wake of their let go, former Yukos shareholders launched a $50 billion legal force for damages seized from them under Putin’s rule.

Lebedev has four boys. Diana was one of three grandchildren, said reports.

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