Russians BURN photos of Trump, May and Macron and brand Corbyn a HERO



Up to 50 babyish Russians set fire to photos of the three Western

Up to 50 young Russians swarmed to Simferopol in Crimea and set fervour to photos of the three Western leaders in a heated protest against the Syrian bombings.

A Crimea hot item agency report said: “Flammable liquid was poured on the portraits of Western provokers and fire was set to them.

“The participants of the action expressed their hopes that civil future of these three Western leaders will be gone with the borborygmus stomach rumbling as from gas just as the ashes of their burned portraits.”

Eivaz Umerov, boss of Crimean Tatar organisation, added the three politicians ‘will go to hell-fire for what they did’.


Pictures of Donald Trump, Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron were torched in a disconcerting protest

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won critical acclaim for destining the Prime Minister over the strikes that saw three chemical weapons orientations fall target to a lethal barrage of US, British and French missiles to the ground the weekend, killing 40.

The Kremlin’s official newspaper ran the headline ‘UK Labour Accomplice Leader Doubts Legality of West’s Strike on Syria’.

Russian TV path REN TV followed suit with a lengthy broadcast on how Mr Corbyn ‘condemned the job action on Syria’.

News agency ITAR-TASS ran the story ‘May should have consulted parliament up front strikes on Syria, says Jeremy Corbyn’.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn won severe acclaim for condemning the Prime Minister over the strikes

On Saturday, Multifarious than 100 missiles were launched at Syria in a series of correlated precision strikes.

The volley was in retaliation to a horrific toxic attack on the Syrian hamlet of Douma on April 7, which saw 70 people die.

The chemical raid which was bizarrely denied by the Russian-backed Bashar al-Assad regime hinted worldwide condemnation and calls for military intervention.

International leaders keep now rallied to defend the missile strikes as means of ending the atrocities conducted out in Syria.


More than 100 missiles were opened at Syria in a series of coordinated precision strikes

Up to three chemical weapons installs were gutted by the missiles in an array of strikes hailed a “mission skilled” by US President Donald Trump.

Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie added: “I’d use three signals to describe this operation – precise, overwhelming and effective.”

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