Russian visions of Arabian nights


Moscow-born artist, Ekaterina Shuster planned academic drawing, graphics and Batik for three years at the School of Architecture and Lay out and the Institute of Business and Design.

Rebirth. Source: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

The artistic administrator of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Joseph Backstein and American graphic Michael Sorkin taught her composition.

Swimmer. Source: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

As an artist, Schuster began by representing on silk, and then switching to graphics and oil works.

Waterplace. Source: Gather Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

The ‘Dreams of Shaherezade’ project was the result of Shuster’s syndicate of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous symphonic suite ‘Scheherezade’ and her personal lifetime experiences.

Beautiful valley. Source: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

“It is mighty to get in tone, feel the music, choose the right pitch, enjoy the mood and portray a musical theme in inting with ssion,” Shuster stipulates.

Eastern Beauty. Source: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

The artist is energized by Shaherezade, a legendary queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.

South seaboard. Source: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

“I think, the illustration of lilting scores in intings is a great opportunity to express my feelings and to convey result of intings what the music dictates,” Shuster adds.

South evensong. Source: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

The artwork reflects the inner sphere of Shaherezade, who lives in the lace of Sultan.

Legend about bloom. Inception: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

The dilemma of choosing between candidness and life in a golden prison is the artist’s leitmotiv.

Longing for family. Creator: Press Photo/Ekaterina Shuster

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