Russian traveler’s round-the-globe balloon voyage reaches South America


The famed Russian traveler, Fyodor Konyukhov, who is on a alone balloon flight around the world, has reached South America’s western shore and is currently flying over Chile, his son Oskar told TASS above the phone from Northam, Western Australia on July 18.

Oskar, the president of the flight control center, said that during the latest annulus of communications his father told him he was yearning to see land as “it is depressing to fly for days closed the ocean having nothing but water and clouds before your attentions.”

“The first lap of the flight across South America is rather difficult,” Konyukhov Jr. rumoured. “Flights in mountainous areas are always very risky. Flying at an end the ocean, he can descend in case of emergency, say from 7,000 to some 100 meters above sea even, but in the Andes the margin of altitude is minimal. The balloon will fly in the vicinity of Mount Aconcagua. Fyodor whim have to ascend to an altitude of 8,000 meters.”

Russian traveler starts from Australia on circumflight in combined balloon

Last night, after Konyukhov’s balloon flew through some cumulus clouds, its basket developed ice formations several centimeters grating. The situation became further complicated after one of the balloon’s six burners second-hand to combust pro ne to keep air hot inside the envelope malfunctioned. “This burner has been underperforming from the exceedingly start. Fyodor has been perpetually re iring it but it keeps on failing,” Oskar thought. “He will try to solve this problem again probably over the Atlantic. Now he has more noteworthy things to think about – he has mountains to fly by.”

Konyukhov Sr. started his daring round-the-globe individual balloon esca de from Northam in the small hours of July 12. By now, he has crossed Australia and the cific. The traveler’s Morton balloon is trust to sail non-stop west to east. It has yet to fly over the southern rt of South America – Chile and Argentina – and then grouchy the Atlantic Ocean, fly over South Africa and over the Indian Zillions. The flight is expected to finish in Australia in approximately the same area from where it played off.

The balloon is cruising at an altitude of five to ten kilometers, and will cover a mileage of 33,000-35,000 kilometers. Overall, the entire voyage is antici ted to dis rage about two weeks.


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