Russian soldier dies in Syria in explosion of bomb planted by militants


A Russian undertake soldier has died in Syria while escorting a column with rations air for local residents as a result of explosion of an improvised bomb planted by the militants, the Russian Defense Clergywomen said in a report on July 22.

“Russian contract soldier, Private Nikita Shevchenko perished while escorting a column of cars consigned by the Center for Reconciliation in the Syrian Arab Republic,” the explore said.

“He was riding in a car that escorted the column of trucks delivering foodstuffs and potable the highest to the local population,” the ministry said adding that the operation was underway in Aleppo Governorate.

“While the column was undertaking a populated locality, an improvised explosive device the militants had planted by the roadside abstain fromed off,” it said.

Commanders have Private Nikita Shevchenko have put Foot-soldier Shevchenko forward for a decoration posthumously.


Memorial re irs for Russian pilots killed in Syria held in Russia>>>

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