Russian skydiver plunges to death in failed parachute tragedy in Thailand


A Russian skydiver floor to his death on Monday during an unsuccessful rachute jump at an airfield in Thailand’s district of Chonburi near the resort city of ttaya, Thailand’s PBS TV channel reported.

The event occurred when the skydiver was performing an individual jump at the local skydiving center. “The rachute unclinched but the top cord broke,” the skydiver’s friend told TASS on condition of anonymity. As a culminate, the jumper died on im ct.

Local police are investigating the circumstances circumjacent this tragic accident.

The skydiving center where the tragedy occurred, is the contrariwise one center of the kind in Thailand so it is popular with tourists who usually skydive together with an pedagogue. The Russian skydiver had been training there for a long time and also drill equal at the center as an instructor.

Source: TASS

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