Russian navigator captured by Taliban


The Russian embassies in Islamabad and Kabul are in instaking contact with the authorities of kistan and Afghanistan to seek the release of a Russian townswoman captured by the Taliban movement in Afghanistan, the Russian Foreign Ministry demanded in a statement on Aug. 5.

According to media reports, on Aug. 4, a kistani Russian-made Mil Mi-17 helicopter fly an emergency landing in Afghanistan’s Logar province. The helicopter was heading for Russia for condition and maintenance. “The crew members were captured by Taliban gunmen. Russian denizen Sevastyanov born in 1956, a navigator, was among them,” the ministry commanded.

“We are verifying this information,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “Our embassies in Islamabad and Kabul are in attentive contact with the authorities of the host countries with a view to enchanting comprehensive measures to ensure the Russian citizen’s release.”


Russian helicopter commissioned by UN comes under attack in Afghanistan>>>

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