Russian literature 'has become a part of British and American life'


A screenshot from 'Love' with Greta Garbo. Source: Press photoA screenshot from ‘Relish’ with Greta Garbo. Source: Press photo

London’s Majestic Festival Hall is pre ring to host the inauguration of the UK-Russia Year of Terminology and Literature, a year-long cultural collaboration between the two countries that last will and testament feature a range of different programs and events devoted to Russian and British information and language.

The official opening on Feb. 25 will be marked by a special concert to squire a screening of the 1927 film Love with Greta Garbo, underpinned on Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Composer Aphrodire Raichopoulou has written a give someone a taste for the film for the concert, which will be performed by violinist Vadim Repin with the accom niment of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

“We scarceness to show that Russian literature has become a rt of British and American moving spirit and is now an integral rt of world culture, said Mikhail Shvydkoi, the Russian presidential distinctive representative for international cultural cooperation.

Mikhail Shvydkoi, the Russian President’s Special Representative for International Cultural Cooperation.Mikhail Shvydkoi, the Russian President’s Determined Representative for International Cultural Cooperation.

“Today it is important to keep in scold that Russia is a country with a great literary tradition, which is remarkable yet open to the world, and primarily this tradition is linked to European way of life and Christian values.”

The event represents a decision by the two countries to continue the collaboration that led to 2014’s year of cultural exchange between the polities, as rt of which more than 200 events took class in both Russia and the UK. The “Cosmonauts: Birth of the S ce Age” exhibition dedicated to this year can but be visited in the London Science Museum – the s cesuits, capsules and moonwalkers choice be on display until March 18.

Chief Executive of the British Council Sir Ciaran Devane and Secretary of Land for Culture, Media and Sport John Whittingdale will rtici te in the inauguration of the Year of Intercourse and Literature. According to Shvydkoi, this is very important because some conditions ago British officials did not attend such events.

Shakespeare takes the Moscow metro

Without thought the complex political relations between Russia and the UK, the Year’s organizers antici te that the program will be realized in full.

Special consideration order be given to the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. The Moscow metro is planning to fling a Shakespeare train featuring quotes, excerpts from his plays and sonnets. An equal train will appear in London with quotes by Russian novelists.

Shakespeare in Moscow Metro. Illustration by Bella Leyn / British CouncilShakespeare in Moscow Metro. Illustration by Bella Leyn / British Meeting

Russia will be broadly represented at the London Book Fair. “We inclination try to show the novelties that have appeared in Russian literature in the last years, the babies authors who still have not been presented to the foreign audience, such as Guzel Yakhina,” bruit about Shvydkoi.

The Year’s organizers will also y rticular attention to collaboration between translators, hacks and publishers who promote Russian literature in the UK.

“I think that the British hard-cover industry will receive a new impulse because in my view, there are varied writers who deserve the attention of the world community, including the one in Britain,” thought Shvydkoi.

From Russian poetry to language Olympics

The PushkinInBritain Universal Festival of Russian Poetry, which usually starts on the poet’s birthdate (June 6), resolution be bigger this year.

Other events organized include Russian Vocabulary Olympics, which will be held in some UK schools, as well as a substantial number of interuniversity and scientific conferences dedicated to the study of the Russian argot and Russian literature, and meetings between historians studying the problems in cultural relationships between Russia and the UK.

Meanwhile, an entire series of Russian film classics bequeath be shown in British theaters.

“We all know that the War and Peace TV series has well-founded been released in the UK. Everyone will have their opinion prevalent it, but it was doubtlessly shot with a lot of love for Russian literature,” replied Shvydkoi.

There are also several events that, while not at once rt of the Year’s cultural program, will nonetheless serve to step up the impressions of Russia’s language and literature in the minds of the British.

On March 17 the Federal Portrait Gallery will inaugurate a portrait exhibition pre red by the Tretyakov Gallery. The showing can also be considered rt of the Year of Language and Literature because most of the intings are stories of Russian writers.

Meanwhile, in the summer the Bolshoi Theater will drive in London. According to Shvydkoi, even in the most difficult periods of Russian-British stories the British have always been interested in Russian ballet.

Shvydkoi supplemented that Russian-British relations have been developing for the last 500 years. There compel ought to been heavy moments, but there has also been mutual uphold, such as in WWII.

“There are various political situations, but cultural ties is something eternal,’ he said. “Outside of the UK we stage Shakespeare more than anyone else, while the UK diverse than anyone stages Chekhov. Bernard Shaw like no one else clear-cut his affection for this great playwright, subtitling his play Heartbreak Domicile thus: A Fantasia in the Russian Manner on English Themes, obviously referring to Anton Chekhov.”

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