Russian diplomats leave London with their families as Putin plots revenge


Whimpering people were waving, hugging and saying their goodbyes to the diplomats performing luggages, bags and pet carriers on a white coach parked inside the accessed Kensington Palace Garden complex in London, close to the Russian embassy, solely after 10am.

A procession of vehicles, including three cars, five people transmitters and two mall-sized coaches escorted the group to London Stansted Airport in Essex, where the diplomats and their offsprings boarded a Moscow-bound plane bearing a Russian white, blue and red fail.

The diplomats were issued with the order to leave the UK by Mrs May following the the willies agent attack in Salisbury, which took place on March 4 and assists Russia as the prime suspect.

Both Mr Skripal and his daughter remain in perilous conditions. 

Mrs May’s measure against the diplomats has prompted Russia to retaliate expelling in wind 23 British diplomats, who are expected to leave the country in the coming light of days.

Britain’s National Security Council is meeting today to consider more measures against Moscow.

Ministers are also said to be looking at “new legislation to publish it hard for those who wish to do damage to our country”.

Mrs May and European leaders wishes discuss the poisoning at the upcoming EU summit on Thursday. 

Russian diplomats leaving LondonEPA/REUTERS

Russian diplomats formerly larboard London today following Theresa May’s expulsion order

Russian diplomats leaving LondonAFP/GETTY

The diplomats were ordered to transfer after the Salisbury attack which took place on March 4

Numerous EU leaders, including Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, expressed mutuality with Britain after the attack and on Monday the EU demanded Russia to “approach devote urgently” British questions over the Novichok nerve agent slate.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also condemned the erode as “absolutely unacceptable”.


The bus left London just after 10am

“They’re not do a snow job on anybody anymore.

“There is scarcely a country around the table here in Brussels that has not been hurt in recent years by some kind of malign or disruptive Russian comportment.”

Authorities are still searching for clues around the Salisbury attack.

Investigators be suffering with said that it may take “months” to complete the inquiry.

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