Russian billionaire challenges ex-wife’s £453 million settlement in court


Akhmedov forced his wife back into courtNC / PAUL KEOGH

Big-timer Farkhad Akhmedov forced his wife back into court outstanding their divorce settlement

Gas and oil tycoon Farkhad Akhmedov, 61, who is a attached friend of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, was told to hand quondam wife Tatiana Akhmedova 41.5 per cent of his wealth by a High Court moderate in 2016.

Ms Akhmedova, in her 40s, met her husband when she was 17 and married him at 21 before the couple ruffled to England.

During their 20-year marriage they led a life of security with a £39million mansion in Surrey and a £27.8million time off home.

Among Mr Akhmedov’s assets included a £90million art assemblage and a private jet and helicopter. In 2014 he bought a £300million super-yacht from Mr Abramovich. 

Akhmedov is an oil and gas tycoon of Azeri originNC

Akhmedov is an oil and gas financier of Azeri origin

The gets allowed by the family court were manifestly unjust.

Paul Lead

The couple divorced in 2014 and in December 2016 Mr Justice Haddon-Cave ordered the wheeler-dealer to make the huge settlement.

But lawyers yesterday argued in the Court of Charm that “the family court’s attitude was to espouse without restraint” his ex the missis’s case.

At the heart of their case is a decision by the judge to compel Mr Akhmedov’s counselor-at-law Anthony Kerman to divulge information relating to his client’s finances which would normally be special and secret.

Philip Shepherd, for Mr Kerman, argued that forcing him to whoop it up Mr Akhmedov’s private affairs “cannot be right”. 

Akhmedov previously bought a private yachtGETTY

Akhmedov some time ago bought a private yacht from friend Roman Abramovich

He combined that the husband has a legitimate ground of challenge to Mr Justice Haddon Cavity’s rulings, saying: “The various respondents and other such persons who may be unnatural by the orders against Mr Kerman should now be given the opportunity to join these application proceedings.

“The procedures allowed by the family court were manifestly unjust.”

Mrs Akhmedova’s barrister Hodge Malek, voted most of the Mr Akhmedov’s wealth was made during the marriage.

The hearing perpetuates.

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