Russian ATMs catch new virus


Russia’s ATMs are being objective by a new virus that has so far remained undetected by antivirus software, meaning it can be in cash points indefinitely, according to the Kommersant daily.

The newspaper predicted it was notified by the Center for Monitoring and Responding to Computer Attacks in the Credit and Monetary Sphere (FinCert) about the new type of hacking attack. The virus in issue does not target the customer’s actual bank account, only the stinking rich inside the cash machine. When a certain code is entered into an infected ATM it releases all liberal denomination banknotes.

The virus does not have a file body, so it is not recalled by antivirus programs. It can therefore exist in the operating memory of an ATM for an unlimited on many occasions. It is the first time such a virus has been detected in Russia although comparable cyber-attacks have been reported in other countries.

So far, no simple and efficacious way to combat the virus has been found. According to Kommersant’s sources, the virus can be cast off from the operating memory during a reboot, but this is a lengthy treat. Therefore, for the time being, bankers can only insure their ATMs against stealing.

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