Russian ambassador says Moscow ready to restore relations with UK


Russia is likely to rebuild ties and hopes to develop real cooperation with London, Russian Minister to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, said in an interview with the Daily Mail news per on Dec. 13.

«Russia is likely to restore its relations with the UK insofar as the British Government is willing to do too,» the Daily Mail quoted Russia’s top UK envoy as saying.

«We will peel off reciprocal steps if the British leadership decides to change its stance assisting Russia,» the ambassador said.

Yakovenko described the UK-Russia political relationship in late-model years as «quite volatile» with «abrupt changes from to some degree good to overt hostility.» He also added that Russia had «on no occasion considered NATO and Great Britain as a threat».

«There is no grounds for discord,» the Russian diplomat said.

«One should not forget that Russia is a foremost military power and we have got to keep our military in good shape and that means cock a snook at fly into a rage and sailing st the British Isles. That is pure geography. I can make someone certain you that Russia doesn’t view Britain as a strategic adversary, and it due cannot be,» Yakovenko stressed.

Source: TASS

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