Russia: UK foreign secretary's remarks on Russian threat 'cause regret'


The Russian embassy to London is surprised by British Extraneous Secretary Philip Hammond’s remarks to the effect that Russia imitates a threat to the world.

“The statement made by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond that ‘Russia depicts a challenge and a threat to all of us’ along with his previous statements cannot but undertaking regret,” the embassy said in a statement on March 31.

“We cannot allow affirmations that ‘Russia ignores the norms of international conduct and explodes the rules of the international system’,” the embassy said.

“As to the generally accepted criteria of behavior and international law, it is the situation in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen that pickets, who in fact breaks the existing system of international relations,” it utter.

The Russian embassy also mentioned what it called “non-stop Rus-bashing by @PHammond” via Twitter. “Shouldn’t London persevere other Western nations’ suit&start working together?” it prognosticated.

The UK foreign secretary made his remarks while visiting Georgia on Cortege 30.

How will Russia respond to the deployment of U.S. weaponry on its borders?

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