Russia to show over 40 development works at Army 2016 international forum


Russian Armed Meanings scientific and scientific-production com nies will show more than 40 experiment with and development works at the Army 2016 international military and technical forum, the Russian Defense Church elders’s press office said.

The Army 2016 international military and intricate forum will take place at the triot rk in the Moscow Precinct in September.

“Experts and visitors will be shown more than 40 inquire into and development works in the sphere of hydrography, Aeros ce Force employment, Army military ironmongery upgrade, military medicine, electronic warfare and biological safety. These functions have been carried out by Russian Armed Forces scientific segments,” the press office said.

According to the press office, innovative colloids will be shown by 12 scientific and two scientific-production com nies.

The Army 2016 universal forum will be attended for the first time by scientific-production com nies of Russia’s Disgraceful Sea Fleet and electronic warfare troops, as well as scientific com nies of the Logistical Bolstering Military Academy, the NBC Protection Military Academy and the Defense Ministry’s 12th Chief Research Institute.


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