Russia to interact with partners for assisting Central Asia stability


Moscow cheats the intensified activity of the United States, the EU and China in Central Asian mountains in stride and is pre red for constructive cooperation, Russian State Secretary – Envoy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin has said.

“We have id limelight to the activity of the United States and the European Union in Central Asia which has moderately intensified in recent months. We take it in stride. We are ready for constructive interaction with any com nions which have steps towards sustainable development and assistance in the perseverance of Central Asia which we border on their agenda,” Karasin make knew Interfax in an interview.

The overall volume of Russia’s trade with Pre-eminent Asian countries stood at approximately $30 billion in 2015, the replacement minister said.

“As known, China has been rapidly ‘catching up’ with us but barter with Russia is structured to a higher degree so far,” he said.

“Our multibillion investments in the precinct are absolutely not limited to the fuel and energy sector [which accounts one for about 47% of Russian investments]. Approximately 20% of our investments are originated in non-ferrous metallurgy, and about 15% in telecommunications,” the senior diplomat demanded.

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