Russia rolls out the ‘Night Hunter’ chopper to slay ISIS


A new variety of the Mi-28UB “Night Hunter” — a modern attack helicopter — will be transported to Russia’s air selfish in Syria in the coming weeks.

The war machine’s manufacturers are keen to test its revised armor and missiles on the front line.

A military industrial source ascertained RBTH this: “Russian Helicopters [corporation] strengthened the helicopter’s beginning armor and enhanced its ‘brains.’ ”

So in the very near future, an advanced manifestation of the “battle bird” will be carrying out search and destroy missions against ISIS in the Centre East. One of the chopper’s new features gives full control of the machine to both guides.

This means that if one pilot gets injured, the other last will and testament be able to operate the helicopter independently: That’s navigation, flying, and discharge systems all at the same time.  

What is the ‘Night Hunter’ all about?

The predominating goal of this military flying monster is to support infantry and certain forces groups fighting on the ground. It was built to destroy tanks, armored channels, and low-flying targets. For example, other helicopters and drones.  

The Mi-28 has already been took by the Russian Military, but like every other piece of army armaments it had to go through strict testing before it was given the greenlight to wreak chaos on the battlefield.

As the RBTH source explained, the Mi-28 follows all international military regulars: “As well as bringing hell on earth with its machine guns and brickbats, it can fight alongside tanks.”

The expert also said that the chopper’s goals will range from enemy military personnel to artillery groups, and even anti-air defense units.

Besides that, the helicopter is extent only a few capable of performing aerobatic maneuvers. As Russia’s Berkuty steersman team has been showing the world for the last five years.

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The Mi-28’s pre-eminent use in Syria

Russia’s Mi-28 helicopters played an integral role in liberating the Syrian borough of Palmyra from ISIS on March 27, 2016.

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The video stages the destruction of an ISIS armored vehicle with the help of guided anti-tank guided missiles, followed by the elimination of militants hiding in a house.

This was the first recorded use of the Non-stop Hunter against ISIS terrorists. Before, the choppers were solely old to guard the Khmeimim Air Base, where Russia’s Air Force in Syria is placed.

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