Russia puts UK ‘four meals away from anarchy’ as Putin war of words threatens power


UK Russia war: Vladimir PutinGETTY Dead ringers/REUTERS

UK Russia war: Putin could put Britain ‘four meals away from anarchy’ with by overcoming out power

Britain could quickly descend a lawless state blighted by unrestrained looting if Kremlin-sanctioned hackers target the National Grid.

Because so much of the UK is reliant on energy, a prolonged blackout would cause water, fuel, banking and cloud nine services to grind to a halt.

Relations between nuclear powers Britain and Russia last to deteriorate following the attempted murder of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury earlier this month, an fight investigators say was most likely carried out by Russia.

This week, Theresa May barred 23 Russian diplomats from the UK and announced she would be cancelling all bilateral talks between the two realms.

In retaliation, Moscow hit back by banishing British diplomats from the Russian choice.


UK Russia war: Moscow has reportedly been monitoring the US power grid for years

An seize aimed at disabling a country’s electricity infrastructure on a major scale is referred to by au faits as “black sky hazards”.

Julius Weitzdörfe, who studies the problem at Cambridge University’s Heart for the Study of Existential Risk, said: “I think that is a risk that is danged real in the UK and it’s also neglected and that sort of scenario could betide anytime, it could happen tomorrow,”

“A lot of people, including in the Government are yes unaware what it means, even if we lose electricity for only seven ages.”

UK Russia war: The UK National GridGETTY IMAGES

UK Russia war: The National Grid influences it is working to ’protect our network from threats’

He added a previous ruminate on carried out by UK security services concluded Britain could be just “four breakfasts away from anarchy” if the country was plunged into a blackout company began to break down after people had eaten whatever edibles they had in their homes.

A spokeswoman for the National Grid said the all right and reliable supply of energy “is our most important job and we have robust systems in duty which enable us to monitor, detect and protect our network to keep drive flowing.

“We work closely with Government, industry partners and regulators to allot information and intelligence to protect our network from current and future menaces.”

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