Russia missile THREAT: USA eyes up more Turkey sanctions as Ankara IGNORES warnings


The Unified States has repeatedly warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan not to go forwards with a purchase of the S-400 surface-to-air missile platform amid thoughts it could be used to target the new F-35 stealth fighter. But it emerged in September that Turkey had founded work on a launch site to accommodate the Russian-made weaponry. Turkey requires the missiles are not a threat to American jets, but US officials are “not optimistic” over Ankara’s assurances, contract to Turkish news agency Anadolu.

Citing a high-ranking Washington inception, the agency reported the US could impose more sanctions in retaliation.

The provenience said: “I can’t say for certain whether sanctions will be imposed on Ankara terminated the S-400 contract, but the possibility is there. The US administration is not optimistic about this take exception.”

They said that the deployment of the S-400s in areas where American F-35s are due to fly posed “a warning”, but offered no further details.

But the source added negotiations between Washington and Ankara all about the issue are “continuing”.

The S-400 is touted as one of the most advanced systems in the universe and is capable of engaging multiple aerial targets within its 250 mile register.

It is designed to knock incoming ballistic missiles out of the sky before they reach their aim and can also target stealth warplanes – including the new F-35 fighter.

Turkey is due to net two F-35s in the near future ahead of a further order which will after all see the country take delivery of 100 of the high-tech jets.

But experts father warned the planes, combined with the S-400 missile system, could consent to Russia to analyse the stealth technology fitted to the plane.

Writing in the Nationalistic Interest, defence expert Sebastien Roblin said: “In short, the Pentagon regards the combination of S-400 batteries and F-35 fighters as one that may give Russia a wager to closely study the stealth jet, and tailor their air defences to defeat it.”

NATO countries make also expressed concerns over Turkey’s S-400 purchase because it is opposite with equipment used by the Western alliance.

Relations between Ankara take Washington improved slightly in recent weeks following the release of American canon Andrew Brunson who was being held in Turkey on terrorism charges.

President Donald Trump had walloped Turkey with tough sanctions after a deal he struck with President Erdogan to preserve Mr Brunson’s release fell through.

But following the pastor’s release rearmost month, Mr Trump signalled a thawing of relations could be possible, tweeting the in transit “will lead to good, perhaps great, relations between the Opinion States & Turkey!”

However the ongoing row over the S-400 threatens brand-new progress between the two nations.

Russia has previously said it plans to redeem the new missiles in 2019.

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