Russia launches first satellite built with the help of crowdfunding


Obtain you ever thought of financing a spacecraft launch, but you lacked the enormous fiscal resources of NASA or Elon Musk? Well, a group of students in Russia didn’t let fiscal issues stop them building their satellite.

Mayak is the commencement satellite project in Russia financed by money raised on the crowdfunding rostrum, Boomstarter. The team behind Mayak managed to raise almost 2 million rubles (encircling $33 000), and one of the partners is the advertising agency,

“We wanted to affirm that it is possible to launch a satellite without state support or the help of a huge corporation,” said the agency’s director, Nikita Ershov, adding that the scheme’s main goal is to get youth interested in space exploration.

Crowdfunding was opted because it’s popular among young people, and as such, it effectively served the scheme of attracting youth’s attention to space issues.

This project resolution attract attention not only because of the way it was financed. Although Mayak is truly small, not much bigger than a loaf of bread, it will be one of the brainiest objects in the night sky.

Mayak has huge pyramid-shaped reflectors that when unfurled in go round will create a sort of dome that will reflect the sun’s glimmers back to Earth. Thanks to its brightness, Mayak will help mug up the ratio between visibility and distance.

The main scientific goal, at any rate, is to test an aerodynamic braking system for satellites that will empower them to return to Earth without using an engine. This determination make removing orbital space debris much cheaper.

Mayak was began July 14 on a Soyuz rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. In supplement to Mayak, the rocket placed into Earth orbit 71 other sputniks, a record number for the Russian space industry.

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