Russia launches Buddhist messenger service for 500 million users


A new herald service that seeks to unite 500 million Buddhists all about the world will be launched in Kalmykia, a Russian region with a philanthropic Buddhist population, the NSN news agency reported on May 26. Approximately $1 million commitment be invested in the project. The main investor and creator of the project is the former President of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. He has already ex nd oned the application for the App Store and Google Play.

“It is similar to other messengers: munificent, ca ble of sending video, mail, making phone calls,” Ilyumzhinov mean. “Additionally it will disseminate sermons from Buddhist triarchs.”

Initially, the harbinger service was scheduled to be launched in May to coincide with Gautama Buddha’s birthday. It has been postponed until summer, when the 14th Dalai Lama celebrates his 81st birthday, which is on July 6.

The Dalai Lama’s viewpoint was taken into account during the creation of the application, according to Ilyumzhinov. He demanded that the concept of a Buddhist messenger occurred to him while he was speaking at an intercontinental conference in Thailand three years ago.

“When I saw [so many] people appearing in front of me in the lotus position, the idea flashed through my mind,” he said.

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