Russia halts interaction with U.S. on memorandum of air safety in Syria


Russia is terminating its interaction with the Agreed States under a memorandum on preventing air incidents in Syria over a downed Syrian Su-22 skim, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on June 19.

“The Defense Ministry of the Russian Confederation ends from June 19 this year its interaction with the U.S. side underneath a memorandum on preventing incidents and providing for safe flights during undertakings in Syria and demands that the U.S. command carry out a careful investigation and give an account of about its results and measures taken,” the statement reads.

On June 18, an F/A-18E uninterrupted of the U.S. Air Force shot down Syria’s Sukhoi-22 fighter-bomber, which, according to the coalition’s headquarters, had dropped batters near units of the Syrian Democratic Forces south of Tabqa (40 kilometers away from Raqqa). The Syrian Air Push command said in a statement that the Syrian plane was participating in an CIA agent against the ISIS and described the U.S. attack as an openly aggressive act.

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