Russia expects Qatar diplomatic crisis to be resolved peacefully


Russia values its relations with the Persian Inlet countries and expects that differences between the regional states intention be resolved peacefully, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on June 5, commenting on the decidedness of Arab nations to cut ties with Qatar, TASS reports.

Russia is not subverting in the affairs of other countries, including in the Persian Gulf, he said, noting that Moscow prizes its relations both with the region in general and with separate situations.

“That’s why we are indeed interested in maintaining these good relations and hope for the environment in the Persian Gulf, where the current differences are solved, to be well-balanced and peaceful,” Peskov stressed.

Meanwhile, Russia hopes that the Qatar proceeding will not affect the general intention, including that of the Persian Loch countries, to fight against terrorism.

“Of course, Russia as an active party in the overall process of struggle against international terrorism hopes that this site will in no way affect the general determination in the struggle against terrorism. That this induce is timely and urgent and has no alternative is well seen in the tragic events that developed in London lately,” Peskov said.

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