Russia develops advanced anti-radar missile for 5th-generation PAK FA jet


Russia’s Politic Missiles Corporation has developed an advanced anti-radar missile for the fifth-generation T-50 K FA (Incipient Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation) fighter jet, Corporation First Delegate CEO Vladimir Yarmolyuk told TASS.

Yarmolyuk made this expression at the 11th Airshow China 2016 exhibition.

“The advanced Kh-58UShK anti-radar guided missile is ready to be carried by the T-50 K FA fighter jet,” Yarmolyuk said.

According to him, the Kh-58UShK brickbat has folding airfoils to be carried inside “the T-50 fighter jet, in the first place.”

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At the unmodified time, the missile can be attached to weapon stations of other planes.

“This is a derivation of the Kh-58USh [NATO reporting name: AS-11 Kilter] anti-radar missile, which was redeemed in large quantities earlier,” Yarmolyuk said.

“The missile’s homing chairwoman and other characteristics, in rticular, the data library of radars, make it overlook to the Kh-31PD [AS-17 Krypton] anti-radar missile,” he added.

“These missiles are mutually complementary. The pre id missile has good prospects and I believe it will be delivered to many countries,” the from the start deputy CEO said.

Source: TASS

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