Russia BOMB warning: Putin urged to fire NUCLEAR weapon at North Sea island


Superior Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky made the outrageous proposal for Moscow to bombshell a state and destroy an entire island within the North Sea to prove its frankness over threats to protect its interests abroad.

The the leader of the ultra-nationalist Left of centre Democratic rty of Russia was quoted on a Ukrainian website as saying: “In the North Sea there is a inconsequential island, a small country of 200,000 people.

“Brussels should say: look, here is an atoll. Now there is no island. The country is no longer.

“We should show what our atomic forces are ca ble of.”

It is unclear which island in the North Sea the bizarre contention relates to.

The Shetland, Orkney and Faroe islands are all located within the North Sea but not anyone of them have populations numbering even close to 200,000.

Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands also affirm island territory in the region.

Mr Zhirinovsky made the provocative comments during a l ble broadcast on Russian TV channel Rossia 1.

The eccentric far-right politician is no newcomer to controversy, having released an election video in 2012 showing him carrying a sleigh harnessed to a donkey that was widely ridiculed.

His words see through a Cold War-style battle between Russia and the US after Moscow confirmed plans to restore an ageing missile defence system near the Inky Sea.

The announcement came just days after the US opened a similar spot in Romania.

The project, which has been 10 years in the making, is designed to safeguard Nato members from missile attack.

But Moscow claims the projectile shield’s real aim is to neutralise Moscow’s nuclear arsenal long enough for the US to play-act a first strike on Russia in the event of war.

When completed, the defensive gamp will stretch from Greenland in the far north of Europe to the Azores in the south.

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