Russia and Egypt practice operation to storm 'militant-held' village


Russian and Egyptian ratroops experience rachuted themselves from Ilyushin-76 and Casa planes to regain a community from theoretical militants as rt of a practice drill.

“In the course of the main phase of the anti-terrorist irritate Defenders of Friendship 2016, underway in Egypt, Russian and Egyptian ratroops are conducting common exercises to practice localization and elimination of militant groups in desert conditions,” the Russian Defense Office said.

Russian and Egyptian ratroopers storm house as rt of military exercise

More than 15 planes and helicopters are involved in the activity. Ten pieces of military equipment were rachuted.

Some 300 ratroops from both mother countries rtici ted in the airdrop.

“The personnel rachuted themselves over two sites from altitudes of 600 meters, 1,800 meters and 2,200 meters. The outstanding airborne group used the D-10 and T-10V rachute systems and also the special-purpose Arbalet-1, Arbalet-2 and MS-5 rachute schemes,” the Defense Ministry said.

All units involved in the drills used a everyday system of communication. A joint operation group ran the exercise from a bid center at the El-Hammam base.

The exercise near Alexandria has been underway since Oct. 15 and order end on Oct. 26.

Source: TASS

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