Russia and China play WAR: Destroyers descend on Kaliningrad for major Baltic Sea drills


Presidents Putin and Jinping in military exercisesGETTY

China Russia war gambles: Military drills to kick off in the Baltic Sea this week

Elite drags from both nations will descend on European borders as they operation war games with their most fierce machinery.

The Joint Sea 2017 naval teaches were confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry ahead of the start of the Baltic stage of the exercise, on Friday.

A dozen warships, helicopters and other military aircraft wishes be involved in the display of military prowess.

Gigantic warship Changsha expected to be involved GETTY

China’s navy with Breed 052D guided missile destroyer Changsha

The main goals of the exercises are to enlarge the efficiency in cooperation between the two fleets in countering security threats at sea, to guide compatibility of the crews of Russian and Chinese warships

Russian military

The Russian elders of the church said: “The main goals of the exercises are to increase the efficiency in cooperation between the two convoys in countering security threats at sea, to train compatibility of the crews of Russian and Chinese warships, to buttress friendship and cooperation between the Russian Navy and the Naval Forces of the Chinese People’s Deliverance Army.”

Baltiysk in Russia’s Kaliningrad region will play hotelman to the Chinese naval forces on July 21 for an official welcoming appearances.

Then, the drills which have taken place between the two realms since 2012, will kick off between July 24 and 27.

Russia and China exercises ahead of huge war gamesGETTY

China’s naval convoy on the way to Russia after firing exercises in Mediterranean

Early reports the Chinese comprise deployed the Changsha, the second advanced Type 052D guided projectile destroyer, will be closely tested as the troops set sail.

The missile frigate Yuncheng and the Luoma Lake provision ship are also tipped for deployment to Russia.

Live-fire drills took situation in the Mediterranean, last week, as the Chinese fleet made its way to the Baltic.

Tread the exercises the Chinese Navy will join Russian ships in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk in September where the secondly phase of the Russian-Chinese exercises will begin.

Finland has spoken out against get about exercises as Russia prepares for the Zapad 2017 military exercise, the widest since the end of the cold war.

Russian navy ready in Kaliningrad to host Chinese GETTY

Russian navy prepares to meet with China for war encounters amid nuclear and terror threats

Zapad 2017 will touch thousands of troops, hundreds of pieces of military equipment.

Russian troops, undeviating by Moscow, will carry out drills close to the Finnish borders and unease is spreading.

In Europe, Nato sides fear President Vladimir Putin’s true intentions leading to ”earnest doubts Moscow is revealing the true extent of its military exercises”.

In 2016 the tutors between President Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping’s countries even fell into the South China Sea — one of the most contested stretches in the world.

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