Rush hour turned human stampede: Passengers fall UNDER train in chaotic surge to get on it


Sensation hour can wear down even the most tient commuter.

From buses that plainly don’t turn up to just missing that last train, irrational hysterics can be incited at every turn.

But if you’re feeling fed-up with jostling approximately other ssengers on the platform for the tube, this video will act as if you feel instantly better.

The footage was captured from above a women’s only rear in Mumbai, India.

A train glides into the station where hundreds of chambermaids are sandwiched in on the small platform.

ssengers begin to launch themselves owing to the open doors before the train comes to a stop.

Some of the housekeepers can be seen falling through the gap as they frantically try to squeeze on board.

To some extent than helping the stragglers up, most of the other ssengers simply scrimmage to get inside before the train de rts.

The heaving crowd turns into a human rout as they all try to board, with pushing and shoving a pre-requisite.

Trains for the missises only were introduced in Mumbai as well as Delhi, Calcutta and Madras in 2009.

The blueprint was to increase safety for female ssengers but this video shows they’re cladding many elements of danger on this ride too.

Many women be subjected to lost their lives trying to board the carriages since the disciplines were introduced.

Female police officers have been garrisoned at the platforms to encourage the ssengers to form an orderly queue.

A man was recently held on camera for his behaviour on board a regular train in India.

The terrifying video shows the death-defying standing on top of a speeding train.

It was taken near Mumbra, Maharashtra in the east of the motherland.

The man ducks under high-voltage electric cables as he somehow maintains his match.

Several times he appears to almost lose balance and only scarcely escapes serious injury.

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